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Tips for Writing Letters To The Editor

READ newspapers, newsletters, blogs, and magazines.

FIND an item on a topic you care deeply about or writing which creates a strong opinion in you.

WRITE a short, concise, simple letter to the editor of the publication the item is published within.

Try and mean what you say, and always say what you mean. Try and write in a personal way. This will become easier the more you practice writing. Don’t worry about sounding professional or polished. Sometimes this can even work against you!

Always reference the item you’ve read, by title and date, within the first couple of paragraphs of your letter. You may also reference the author to rebut him/her directly. Use a direct quotation from the item, if you can. Synopsize the item’s point of view, then present your differing opinion, followed by a positive (if possible) alternative to the information given in the item.

There will be guidelines (length, language, what information they’ll need from you to contact you and confirm authorship) listed on the editorial page or in the section where you find other letters, along with the information on how to submit a letter to that publication.
Letters that are too long or which contain prohibited language will not be considered for publication.
Publications usually have limits on the number of words they will print. For instance, some newspapers (like the NY Times) limit you to 150 words, others (like the Westport News) limit you to 300 words.

Contacting Newspapers:

Most websites (for on-line items) have contact links for letters. Most magazines and newspapers (for print items) will list contact information in their editorial/letters pages, giving you information on where to send the letter.


If you prefer to send in your letter by regular mail, try and type the letter. But don’t let the lack of a computer or typewriter stop you from submitting – handwritten or printed letters are also perfectly acceptable for submission.

ALWAYS SUBMIT WHAT YOU WRITE. At best, your letter will be accepted and printed. At worst, you’ll hear nothing and you won’t be printed. In either case, you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished! You should also send your letter to your email list, forward it to your friends and family, and share it with any blogs you may be active on or groups you participate in. It’s very helpful to share what you’ve written with other people.

These letters serve to educate, to excite dialogue, and to support other people who share your values. You cannot know in what way just putting it “out there” will change someone’s thinking or encourage another person’s speaking out!


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Another Success

Congratulations to the Hamden Democrats for another successful election! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this election a success. A lot of time, energy, work and commitment was required to get this job done and we couldn't do it without your help.

Congratulations to all the candidates.

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