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Hamden Democrats
P.O. Box 185658
Hamden, CT 06518
Lew Panzo, Chair

Democrats Elected in 2013

Mayor: Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson Scott Jackson
Town Clerk: Hamden Town Clerk Vera Morrison Vera Morrison
Council At-Large: Al Gorman, Hamden Town Council At Large   Jack Kennelly, Hamden Town Council At LargeAl Gorman                       Jack Kennelley

Carol Noble, Hamden Town Council At Large   Berita Rowe, Hamden Town Council At Large

Carol Noble                  Berita Rowe

1st District:
Michael McGarry Hamden Town Council, 2nd District Michael McGarry
2nd District:
Harry Gagliardi Hamden Town Council, 2nd District Harry Gagliardi, Jr.
Third District:
Oswald Brown, Hamden Town Council, 3rd District Oswald Brown
Fourth District:
Hamden 6th District Councilman, Eric Annes Eric Annes
Fifth District:
Kathleen Schomaker, Hamden Town Council, 5th District Kathleen Schomaker
Sixth District:
Thomas Rousseau, Hamden Town Council 6th District Thomas Rousseau
Seventh  District:
Mike Colaiacovo Jr., Hamden Town Council, 7th District Michael Colaiacovo
Eighth District:
Jim Pascarella, Hamden Town Council 8th District Jim Pascarella
Board of Education: Hamden Board of Education member, M. Arturo Perez-Cabello    Board of Education Candidate John DeRosa

M. Arturo Perez-Cabello           John DeRosa

John Keegan, Chair, Hamden Board of Education    Valarie Stone, Hamden Board of Education

John Keegan                      Valarie Stone

Hamden Board of Education Member, Adam SendroffChris Bauer Hamden Board of Education                                           

Adam Sendroff                Chris Bauer

Mailing Address:
PO Box 185658
Hamden CT 06518

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Another Success

Congratulations to the Hamden Democrats for another successful election! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this election a success. A lot of time, energy, work and commitment was required to get this job done and we couldn't do it without your help.

Congratulations to all the candidates.

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